Write-up - [CVE-2021-21123] [Reward: $5.000] File System Access API - vulnerabilities


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March 22, 2021

📝 Description

Google Chrome - File System Access API - vulnerabilities reported by Maciej Pulikowski

Total Bug Bounty Reward: $5.000

This is Proof of Concept for:

The main security issue here is the operating system dialog "Save as" launched by Google Chrome, is showing to the user the wrong file extension of downloaded the file. It shows "Save as type: JPEG (.jpg)" but downloads virus.jpg.lnk that can download and run virus.exe by PowerShell.

So it is a kind of spoofing extension of downloaded a file.

The bugs works in Google Chrome 86 and 87 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Of course, LNK works only on Windows, but we can change it to a different extension on Linux or Mac.

Google Blog posts:

Mentioned bugs are "Reported by Maciej Pulikowski"

📺 Youtube Proof of Concept


PoC Video

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👨‍💻 Code PoC

Requirements: Nothing, you just need to run an HTML file in an older version of Google Chrome 86 or 87. If you want to test it with a .lnk file, you have to create FUD "lnkextra.lnk" file, because it is not included.

  • example_showSaveFilePicker.html (The bugs works in Google Chrome 86 and 87. They are patched in 88+)

    CVE-2021-21123, CVE-2021-21129, CVE-2021-21130, CVE-2021-21131, CVE-2021-21141

    Playground of my examples for showSaveFilePicker():

    • Save LNK file and show save as type: JPEG Image (*.jpg)
    • A many of whitespace and fake extensions in the description
    • RTL in description
    • Super long description
    • Many spaces in the extension
    • RTL in extension
    • Extension ends with space
    • Extension ends with a period
    • Save LNK file in a different way
    • EXTRA - Because everything happens in JS we can check if the user's browser is vulnerable
  • example_getFileHandle.html (The bug works in Google Chrome 86, 87, and 88. It is patched in 89+)

    CVE-2021-21172 - getFileHandle() - Save .lnk file to selected folder

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